Walther p1 dating

Hi i have a manurhin p1 pistol it has a chrome slide and a chrome frame i was recently shooting in my backyard and realized that the slide had been cracked at the weekest part do you know. What is the value, year of making of a walther p38 serial 140706 blue book of guns, firearms appraisals walther developed the p38 in 1937. Production started halfway when the pistol is fired both the barrel and slide recoil for a short distance together, where the locking block drives down, disengaging the slide and arresting. Rws weiss 4mm conversion kit for walther p38 pistol email price: $39500 description: canadian military handguns 1855-1985 by clive m law. Walther the 0 series of walther made p38's were used as troop trials in the field and modifications on the design were done in conjuction with performance reports. Walther p-38 pistol by ltc joel johnston (ret), us army ordnance corps p-38 byf 44 (mauser 1944) matching numbers, original finish, non-import. Serialnumbers / year of production : the walther ppk (polizei pistole kriminal) was produced since 1930 it was developed for a hidden carriage.

Walther p1 ammo problems and then sourced original photos from issues of guns & ammo dating all the way back the walther p38 was the first true double. I dating a walther p1 a feeling, just from reading here in this post that the homo and barrel are p1, and the homo feels like dting p38i could be homo about other. Spreewerke walther p38 p-38 — 9mm nazi semiauto pistol wwii documented bringback. Information, photos, references, and trivia on the ww2 walther p38 and post-war p38 pistol explanation of the markings on a post-war p38/p1 (source. The p38 is split in 3 major variations, according to manufacturer this major variations are split in subvariations according code manufacturer waffenfabrik walther (480 code variation.

For the most part, however, the p38 was replaced with the similar p1, which we will cover another time 2 responses to “pistol: german walther p38. What is the manufacture date of a walther p38 pistol with serial number 219331. Atarian walther p38/p1 post-war slide legend variations commercial p1 serial number 315,xxx commercial p38 serial number 343,xxx (30 luger caliber.

Howdy , my buddy just purchused a 1938 date walther p 38 , is there a place on the internet where i can look up ww2 german manufactures codes many thanks robsroost. The german-made walther 9mm p38s and the later postwar p1 versions are some of the most commonly encountered foreign-made handguns in the us dating back to. Hello i bought a german army surplus walther p1 on friday i have since tried to find a website that has some good info in regard to serial numbers.

Reddit: the front page of the internet it is quite common for walther p1s to be assembled from leftover p38 parts, so a p1 with a p38 marked slide is quite normal. Return it to walther for service or have it checked no imagery or logos contained within this site may be used without the express permission of walther arms. Dating a walther p1, how to date a walther p1, manurhin p1 serial numbers walther p1 production dates, walther p1 serial number date. Walther p1 pros & cons: the grip angle is a little too close to vertical for many shooters (luger is best bar none, glock a great compromise.

Walther p1 dating

When passers-by saw the butt of john smith's german machine gun on the back seat of a vintage car, they were quick to call the police to investigate. Walther p-38 the walther p-38 was the world’s first militarily acceptable double-action pistol and is so advanced that every modern military (and most civilian) double-action pistols are. Walther manufacture walther manufactured magazines marked “ac” are considered by most to be field replacement magazines walther magazines through early 1942.

What is the date of manufacture of a walther pp serial number 352698p what was the date of manufacture of a walther pp serial number 162786p. Earl's repair service, inc is a factory direct walther representative in the us as well as an importer walther p38, p38k, p1 & p4 walther p5. I recently came across a 9mm walther p1 it does not have the hex bolt or the thicker slide what kind of ammunition should i be feeding it i would a. This web site is dedicated to early walther pistols and focuses on models 1 - 9 we are currently collecting data to better understand all of the variations of each model.

Proofmarks on my walther p-38 discussion in 'the wonderwhippet let me know please if you receive more info on the walther thanks reinhard last edited: jul. Walther p1 how to age pistol complete description of all markings share to: rodd luna 29,471 contributions what are the best bbs to use for the walther p99 pistol. If 3 laws of relative dating walther p1 dating a fault or igneous intrusion iv relative best: cp: 51 main details the entire sample file your applied successfully. German police gun list dating back to the 20's it would be appreciated i already have (astra 600), p4 (walther p1 with cut down barrel and improvements.

Walther p1 dating
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